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New gallery brings contemporary international art to Vancouver
Gallery Arts 

This new Vancouver gallery opens Oct. 13 with a solo exhibition of work by French artist 200x140-abstract-nc2b05-2015Ferle.  SHIELD features paintings by the Paris-based artist that use Chinese red ink, ink sticks and ink stone for large canvases (some nearly two metres in height) filled with reds and blacks. Of Ferle’s work, art critic Hugo Brutin has said that, “If you view Ferle’s paintings from a mathematical angle, you can see how they are carefully constructed. There is a lightness and intensity that must be seen to be experienced.” The artist’s work—which has being widely exhibited and included in several prominent collections in Europe—fits in with the new gallery’s stated mission to encourage “internationally established and emerging contemporary artists.” The gallery “was created in order to promote and support intellectual and visual dialogue with artists from Paris and around the world.” SHIELD runs Oct. 13 to Nov. 19.

102 – 1688 West 1st Ave., 604-312-0991